Holiday 411

In an effort to keep everyone up to date on what’s going on with the online shop, my pop up schedule, need to know deadlines, I’ve put together this page for all your 411 needs! Because as much as I’ve been knowing this info in my head and on my own personal calendar, it’s time to share the knowledge with all of you - my people!

First things first...


Friday, November 9th
The last day to place semi-custom Morse Code orders or inquire about fully custom orders with guaranteed Christmas delivery 
Friday, November 30th
The last day to place ANY Morse Code orders in 2018. These orders won’t be guaranteed by Christmas, but have the possibility of arriving in time. Again, no guarantees. After nov 30, we’ll mark the Morse Code pieces out of stock until 2019. I’d hate for any special pieces to get lost in the holiday shuffle! So, we’ll resume those pieces as available to purchase beginning again in January.
Monday, November 27th
The final day for orders to be placed and shipped via USPS First Class Mail with guaranteed delivery by the first day of Hanukkah on December 2nd
Monday, December 17th
The final day for orders to be placed and shipped via USPS First Class Mail with guaranteed Christmas delivery
Wednesday, December 19th
The final day for orders to be placed and shipped via USPS Priority Mail with guaranteed Christmas delivery
Friday, December 21st
The final day for orders to be placed and shipped via FedEx Overnight with guaranteed Christmas delivery

Pop Ups and Trunk Shows:

Just a reminder, I never bring my entire inventory to in person events. It’s honestly just not feasible. However, if you know I’m coming to your town, and you know there’s a piece or two you’re dying to have, send me an email to bring it! You can either place the order online with a note saying you’ll pick it up in person and I’ll refund you the shipping charges, or just email me to bring it then grab it in person! No obligation to buy, of course, it just helps me in planning inventory for events.
Saturday, November 10th
 Pop Up with Cotswold Marketplace
10AM - 2PM
Charlotte, North Carolina
Friday & Saturday, November 16-17th
Trunk Show with Fiddleheads
10AM - 5PM
Columbus, Georgia
Saturday, December 8th
Fountain City Collective Holiday Market at Mill District Studios
10AM - 5PM
Columbus, Georgia
Thursday, December 13th
Holiday Pop Up with Liz Shea Designs
10AM - 8PM
Charlotte, North Carolina

Small Business:

If you’re desiring to buy from a small business this holiday season, “we” are about as small as it gets. And by we, I mean myself, my sweet husband, my dog, and the small family-run production team I work with in NYC. But truthfully, I (Mary Frances) am the one who answers every email, fills every order, takes every box to the post office, designs each piece, posts every picture to Instagram and Facebook, and these days, makes every ornament. I’ve got the most incredible support system, but when it boils down to it - you’re buying from me. You’re buying pieces that all hold a little place in my heart. Thank you for that, I promise never to take it for granted.


As you may know or have come to realize, I keep a very limited amount of inventory on hand - usually only 1-2 pieces of each style in each metal. Mostly because it’s too expensive to have hundreds of each piece in my studio. Also, I don’t have room! But really, it’s because we’re still such a small operation that it’s simply not necessary. All that to say, if you’re wanting more than 2 or so pieces of a style (say you have three daughters and want to gift them all the same bracelet, or you’re a bride and want to give your 8 bridesmaids all the same pair of earrings), just let me know!
We’re planning a big restock of popular items for Black Friday weekend, but the chances of another big restock before Christmas is slim. Buying early or getting in touch about something specific is the best way in letting me help get your needs met! I love nothing more than chatting with my customers about how my jewelry and this brand can help serve them. Please don’t ever hesitate to reach out!

Process & Pricing:

Some of you may know this. Some may not.
I make each and every design first by hand in wax. If it’s an organic piece of material such as birch bark or shells, I’m cutting the bark or cleaning and filing the shells so they’ll work for casting. I then send all the waxes and organic material to a small, family-run company in New York City. They cast every piece (turn the wax into metal), make a mold of it, and then send it back to me in mostly-finished shape. I clean up any pieces that need extra work, add chains, add ear hooks, and photograph and package them so they come to you wrapped up all pretty!
The company I work with charges me for the metal and their labor. I’ve worked with them for years. They pay their workers fair wages and charge me fair prices. In order for me to keep doing this thing, I must add in a profit. But other than that, I do my very best to price each item fairly. Items are mostly priced based on the weight of the piece and amount of metal used. Silver is more expensive than brass. Gold is more expensive than silver. You’re paying for an item that has been lovingly made from start to finish in the USA with fair-wage workers and luxury packaging. Thanks for supporting us!

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