Birthstones for May

May is here! The unofficial start of summer is only a few weeks away, and the temps are rising. So let’s celebrate with a juicy new birthstone, yeah?

Traditionally, the birthstone for May is an emerald - that deeply saturated, luscious green gem adored by royalty and found in some of the finest fine jewelry. Emeralds are said to evoke rebirth and renewal, the perfect color for Spring! In fact, according to ancient Greek mythology, emeralds could cure epilepsy, snake bites, blindness, ulcers, and poison. Now, I probably wouldn’t rely on this gem for those purposes, but it is one of the hardest stones on the Mohs scale - ranking at a 8 out of 10. Meaning, it’s strong enough to resist most everyday wear, but it is more susceptible to scratching than a diamond, which is a 10 out of 10.

A few fun facts about the emerald
2.97 billion years - age of the oldest emeralds known, found in South Africa
Cleopatra was known to her a passion for emeralds and use them in all of her royal adornments.
$6,578,500 - 2011 sales price for Elizabeth Taylor’s emerald pendant (shown below)

20th & 35th - emerald is known as the gift of the 20th & 35th wedding anniversary (anyone celebrating lucky number 20 or 35 this year?!)

Last Fall, I was honored to create a stunning pair of constellation disc stud earrings for a lucky young lady’s May birthday. We scattered teeny emeralds and diamonds around a 14k gold disc pendant and added posts. These were such a joy to work on, and I’d be thrilled to create something similar to commemorate yours (or your loved ones) May birthday. Get in touch to learn more about our custom process!

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