Birthstones for April

Well, hello Spring! So nice to finally see you. 


I recently had a custom inquiry about a Family Birthstone Necklace where the woman's two children were both born in April and she and her husband had gotten married in May (not all in the same year). She was asking what her Family Birthstone Necklace would look like, and I immediately responded - "You hit the jackpot." Not that I don't love ALL the stones out there (okay, that's a lie, I have favorites), but can't we all agree that nothing is as classic as a diamond? Doesn't matter what shape, color, or form it takes - a diamond is a classic. (ps - May's birthstone is Emerald, but stay tuned because I'll talk more about that next month.)


scattered loose diamonds april birthstone

Well, lucky you, all you April babies because a DIAMOND is your birthstone! Woohoo! But first, because not everyone is a "diamond person," I like to offer multiple options for each month's birthstone so I did some research. I had to do a little digging since most major gem authorities only claim the diamond as April's birthstone. However, according to this one slightly random google search find, an Opal could also be considered a birthstone for April. (success!) It is the mystical birthstone that is "of Tibetan origin and dates back thousands of years" (there, saved ya a click cause that's exactly what that website says). 
Okay, so now that we've defined what your options are if you want to celebrate something that happened in April (your birthday, your anniversary, the day you got a big new job, whatever your fancy), let's learn a little bit more about the Diamond and Opal.


raw diamond april birthstone

The modern love of diamonds started in India as early as the fourth century BC where they were coveted by royalty and the wealthy. Later, they were traded into Europe by way of Venice, and the love affair officially went multi-continental. According to, the first diamond engagement ring on record was given by Archduke Maximillian of Austria to his betrothed, Mary of Burgundy, in 1477. As the love of the diamond grew, it was named the April birthstone and many believed it even had healing powers. Some thought it was an antidote to poison and provided protection against the plague. Of course, now, the diamond is most commonly known as a symbol of love and marriage and set into engagement rings.


I could write for pages and pages about diamond shapes, colors, clarity value, etc, but for the sake of brevity, I'll keep it to that very abbreviated history. If you're ever interested in learning more about diamond qualities and just want someone to take to about it that'll treat you like a friend (not a salesperson in a jewelry store), send me a message! Though I could not consider myself nearly the expert I'd like to be, I am trained and certified as a Jewelry Professional from the Gemological Association of America (GIA) (meaning I took some classes in this department), and I would love to walk you through the basics of how to choose the right diamond for your taste, lifestyle, and budget.


scattered loose opal april birthstone 

So, moving on to our newest April Birthstone friend, the Opal! Traditionally, the opal is actually October's Birthstone so I'll be sure to give yall new information in a few months when we're re-learning about it.


In short, the name Opal originated in India, a derivation of the word upala, meaning "a precious stone." The beautiful play-of-color produced by opals have inspired writers to compare it to fireworks and volcanoes. By Europeans, it has long been considered a symbol of purity, hope, and truth. 


Okay, so what do y'all think? Should we make some Diamond & Opal jewelry together? Are you inspired to learn more about these gorgeous stones? Send me an email and let's start designing!

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