Slow as Summer: Inspiration behind the Turtle Necklace

June 21, 2018

Slow as Summer: Inspiration behind the Turtle Necklace

This post was originally published on July 22, 2016.

Oh Summer, what a glorious season, amirite? Personally, I love summer in the mountains (though I am a little bias ;)). People are out and about hiking, swimming, and just generally enjoying the great outdoors. The days are warm and the nights are cool - my favorite weekend activity is floating the river during the day then grilling out by the fire at night with friends. There's absolutely nothing like it.

So I guess it was about this time last year that the idea for the Turtle Necklace came to mind. I was on a hike and saw the coolest turtle passing by us. My first thought was, omg I want to take that guy home with me, but I quickly realized I know nothing of turtle habitation, and my dying plants at home would probably protest to my trying to sustain another living creature.

Instead, I started to think of how I could use the shape for a jewelry piece. I was in the midst of brainstorming Fall collection ideas, and I had hit a wall. The Oyster Necklace had been such a hit, how could I find something that be equally as cool? Well, duh! Casting a turtle shell would definitely be as cool (if not cooler). Obviously, I couldn't take this guy home for my jewelry needs so I hopped online to find an ethical turtle shell seller. Lo and behold, a 2.5" red eared turtle shell appeared on one of my favorite sites to shop for materials. I checked in with the seller to ensure that the original inhabitant of the shell did, in fact, die of old age and then promptly sent the shell to my caster. They made a mold of the shell and cast it into metal for me. 

When I got the cast turtle shell back in the mail a few weeks later, my eyes seriously did the heart eyes emoji. The super subtle details of the grooves and curves came out beautifully and the weight was perfect for a long necklace. I popped that baby on a chain, and, let me tell you, the Turtle Necklace is a show stopper. I wish I could count how many times I (or my customers) have been stopped when wearing this necklace. My favorite word used to describe it is intriguing because dang, that is just so spot on.

So, what are you waiting for?! Getcha own statement-maker of the season quick! After all, the days of summer are long and slow but the season goes by fast...

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