Q&A: Marquin Campbell

April 26, 2018 1 Comment

Q&A: Marquin Campbell

I'm so excited to partner with Marquin Campbell & several other amazingly talented artists to put on a show this evening in Greenville called Flora & Form. What a perfect spot to launch my brand new FLORA Collection!

I sat down with Marquin & asked her a few questions so y'all can get to know her a little better and find out why I LOVE her so much :)

How did you first get interested in art as a passion, and then when did you figure out you could make it a career?

I have always enjoyed art-making. When I was little, I would stay up late in my room coloring, crafting and drawing.

In my twenties I decided I wanted to pursue my art full time.  I quit my job and jumped in and I think that by making that leap, I have organically figured it out because I did not have any other option.  Some things I try work well, some flop, but I put in the work and thus far it has been a great adventure.

You make both original paintings as well as textiles and gifts. Which do you prefer to produce?

The paintings are the jumping off point for all of the products, so they definitely inform each other. But I really enjoy both equally: it is a wonderful thing to be able to produce products that I do not have to individually create like the paintings.

What brings you inspiration for your art?

Nature, Travel, Food, Conversation, my Children.  I am informed by so many things: I think that is why it is important to step away from the easel and live life.

What do you love about living and working in Greenville and running Vino & Van Gogh?
Greenville is quickly growing and these businesses have absolutely been the beneficiary of that growth.  I am so thankful that I ended up living here and starting both creative endeavors. People here are open, curious, and informed and those attributes have been helpful for starting two creative ventures.

How do you juggle running both your art business as well as your thriving art school business, Vino & Van Gogh?

Maggie Holmes, who is one of my best friends and a fellow artist, is my right hand woman.  She oversees both websites, helps with marketing endeavors, and handles all the shipping we do out of the studio.  If I did not have her, I would absolutely not be able to handle the juggling act.

We also outsource as much as possible: bookkeeping, accounting, and I drop ship my product design line.  
Mother's Day is coming up! What do you want this year?

I would love breakfast in bed, a little sursey from my husband and kids, and a massage pretty please.

Our Thursday event is titled "Flora & Form." Why are you drawn to these subjects? Is there any piece in particular that you've been working on that you're most excited to show?

I felt like I was in a creative rut, and was drawn to florals and figures.  I unfortunately did not make as many figures as I would have wished, but it was good to have something to work towards.  

I am excited to share my larger floral pieces- I tend to enjoy working bigger, and those speak to me.

Thursday's event is featuring a number of other artists as well - is there anyone's new work you're looking forward to seeing in particular?

For these events, I really try to curate the group I extend invitations to, so I’m truly excited about everyone’s work.  I can not wait to see it hanging as a group!

The standard MFF interview question :) - What is your favorite MFF piece?

I have a pair of your ‘XO’ earrings I wear all the time- I absolutely love them.

Thanks, Marquin! I can't wait to see all my Greenville friends tonight - won't you join us? (Here's a little preview below! All photos are courtesy of photographer Courtney Malone and styled by the talented Amanda Louise Interiors.)

Flora and Form Pop Up Shop Greenville SCFlora and Form Pop Up Shop Greenville SCFlora and Form Pop Up Shop Greenville SC
Flora & Form Pop Up Shop
Thursday, April 26th
5 PM - 8 PM
Vino & Van Gogh
1818 Augusta St, #112
Greenville, SC

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Marquin Campbell
Marquin Campbell

May 10, 2018

Thank you so much for this great post and for asking me to do this, Mary Frances. Your work is beautiful and genuine- just like you and your spirit.

See you soon!

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