Collection Inspiration: Fall | Winter 2016

June 25, 2018

Collection Inspiration: Fall | Winter 2016

This post was originally published on August 5, 2016. 

Can you believe it's already August?! Where did the summer go? Thankfully, it's not really over yet. And also thankfully, you can wear our newest pieces year round (though we're launching them this Fall because, duh, hand-tied suede tassels).

I still can't believe that I started dreaming about this collection back in March. I knew I wanted it to be ready for June's Apparel Mart in Atlanta so it took some serious "air conditioning on full blast, cozied up in a sweater" moments to get my brain into thinking about cooler temperatures again (instead of dreaming of summer like I was doing at the time). Alas, the inspiration started flowing. 

I'm a big fan of the color blue - look in my wardrobe and it's about the only other "color" you'll see besides black and white (trust me, those are colors despite what all you art teachers may say - in the world of fashion, they are colors). So anywho, this color blue just kept rolling around in my mind. As you know, I'm still pretty new at this whole jewelry with stones thing (see: the Spring Summer Collection Inspo) so the idea of incorporating stones into my Fall collection was still a little frightening. However, this stone sodalite kept popping up with my favorite stone source, and I got a little curious. The idea that it was natural and opaque meant that every stone would have different color variations - uh, I die. This is the kind of stuff I just love. So, I started designing a few pieces that would use the oval sodalite stone - the Blue Jean Baby Necklace was one of the first, with the After Midnight Cuff soon to follow.  

I knew just using the blue stone wasn't enough, and I've always loved the combo of navy blue and white. Very classic, very Southern, yet also a little Martha's Vineyard - East Coast kinda thing. I'm ever-inspird by nature (duh, just look at my Birch Series), and when I found bone cabochons, I knew the collection was set. Oh my gosh, and then the natural antler tip pieces were found and my brain just could.not.stop. Designing and sketching all day every day, until finally, everything was set. 

I started making the bezels out of wax (see video below), and then assembling all the various pieces together based off my designs. Sometimes, I'm just a wing-it kinda girl, and I let the materials take me where they may, but this time - oh this time, I was on it. Every piece had its place. I had a plan for every little component going into this collection - this is going to sound nuts, but it was exhilarating being that organized! Though, it's best I don't get used to it as my desk could use some serious tending to at the moment (I'll spare you an image of that hurricane).  

Mary Frances Flowers NEW Fall | Winter Collection in the Making! 



In any light, putting together my newest collection, inspired by the classic color combination of blue and white combined with tribal influences such as antler tips and hand-tied suede tassels (yeah, for real, I tied those babies), has been one of my favorite experiences of being my own boss to date. There is something very satisfying about starting a project from nothing and seeing it come into fruition - into something you are just so very proud to share with your family and friends. And by the way, even if we don't know each other personally - we are all family and friends, that's just how the MFF brand goes - it's a family.

So here's to all of you - may you enjoy the pieces from this new collection for years to come. Thank you for allowing me to live my dreams and design beautiful jewelry for you to wear, cherish, and share.


Check out some behind the scenes shots!


PS thank you to my dear parents, who allowed us to overtake their home for the sake of our Fall photoshoot! Fantasia from Little Miss Creative killed it, and I highly recommend reaching out to her if you're ever in the 30A/Florida gulf coast area. I am so pleased with how everything turned out. If you're interested in seeing more of the actual design of the home that the photos were taken in - that's my sister's expertise. Eleanor of EFB Designs, she's a badass. 

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